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Contact Gilbert Law Firm, P.S. to discuss your medical malpractice claim with a lawyer. You can reach us by phone at 509-764-8426 in Moses Lake or in Spokane at 509-321-0750. You can also contact us online. We are available for home and hospital visits, and offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

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Experience Handling A Variety Of Medical Error Claims

Our attorneys are prepared to represent you in any type of medical malpractice claim. We understand the duty of care a medical professional has to his or her patients, and we know the best approach to protecting victims' interests when that duty is not met. You can rely on us to be there with you through the entire process and to see your case through to its conclusion.

The law firm of Gilbert Law Firm, P.S. handles the following types of medical malpractice claims:

  • Failure to diagnose

  • Surgical errors

  • Birth injuries

  • Medication errors

  • Pathology errors

  • Emergency room errors

  • Informed consent issues

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These are extremely complex cases that can be difficult to prove. If you or a loved one is suffering because of a medical professional's error, you should speak to a lawyer immediately.
At the law firm of Gilbert Law Firm, P.S. our Moses Lake, and Spokane medical malpractice attorneys have extensive experience representing injury victims across Washington. We have pursued claims against all types of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists, dentists and medical organizations that employ them. We conduct a thorough review of your case to determine if malpractice contributed to your injuries. If it did, we will do everything we can to secure full compensation on your behalf.

We trust our doctors and other medical professionals to provide the right kind of care to cure our illnesses and restore us to health. When they fail to do so, it can create grounds for a malpractice claim.

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